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Class Descriptions

Weights Workout

Weights Workout

Using a Barbell, and hand weights, you work through the different parts of the body. Improve your strength, add Calorie burning muscle, improve posture and body shape, in one of the world’s most popular class formats. It is recommended that everyone include some form of resistance training in their exercise program. 

Cardio Blast


 A H.I.I.T. workout. Basic moves ‘Suped Up” to an intense level. Low impact options for those that want them. No complicated footwork, this class is for anyone wanting to make their heart rate soar. This class will burn calories, make your legs burn, and give you an exercise high like no other!

Golden Years



Called Golden Years because of the music! Not aimed at any particular age group, but set to music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s this class has a real "retro” feel. Doing a whole-body workout, this will get your heart pumping, your legs burning and your Arms and Abs on fire! Good for all fitness levels, can be spiked up or down as needed.




New, and exclusive to Just Class Fitness, this session takes “Exercise to Music” to a whole new level! Using Light Drumsticks Beatdown turns drumming into an incredibly effective way of exercising. Working your whole body in new and unusual ways will guarantee a new level of Fitness

Step It



A H.I.I.T. Cardio based program but working on and around a step for added resistance and power. Nothing too complicated, but very energetic. You need a base level of fitness for this class, as well as some confidence moving around an obstacle when exercising.

Bums, Legs n Tums (B.L.T.)



A low impact workout designed to work the lower body. Not just for women, this session will have lots of squats and lunges, the most effective leg and butt moves, plus lots of “Ab” moves, to strengthen and shape all your Abdominal muscles. Ideal for exercise beginners, as it will still raise your heart rate, without being as exhausting as Cardio Blast.



Slow controlled moves designed to help you move easier. Focusing on the core muscles, you will improve your posture, strengthen your back, and learn the most effective ways to move your body. Take what you learn here to improve how you move through the rest of your day to day life.

Total Body


12 Set exercises performed each week over 12 weeks. Performed to maximum effort level for 45 sec. This session is GUARANTEED to improve your fitness level. One of the most intense workouts of the week, a base level of fitness is required. It is not recommended to attend more than one Total Body each week.



Using Boxing Gloves and Pads, working in pairs, you get a real boxing feel to this session. While learning how to both throw and catch a punch effectively, this 

is a Boxing for fitness session, and not a Boxing for fighting session, so Boxing without the Black eyes!

Just Abs



A 30-minute workout solely for the mid-section. Working all the Abdominal muscles including the core, this session will strengthen the entire Mid-section of the body, giving you a center of strength, balance and Energy.



 A mix of both Cardio and Resistance moves. This session will improve your all-round fitness level. This is the most adaptable class format and is suitable for all fitness levels, you work at your own pace. No two sessions are the same. this is a good session for those that like to shake up their fitness routine.

Stretch and Foam Roller



30 Minutes of pure relaxation. Working through all the major muscle groups but focusing on the legs and hips.

May include the use of a foam roller, which helps release muscle tension, and can prevent muscle soreness.


Barre Above

Fusing the best of Pilates, Yoga and Aerobics and combining them with elements of strength training exercises that dancers do. Barre Above delivers a results driven workout that is both fun and dynamic, but will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape. 


Fitness Testing and Training

Where the results of all the other classes come together. 

Worth doing a test soon after you start, and then repeat every 10-12 weeks. This is a very measurable way of tracking your fitness improvements. 

Yoga Stretch

A Stretch based Yoga Flow session, that links movement and breath together in a dance like way. Build strength, flexibility and concentration, whilst calming the mind.